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Martial Arts have been considered a masculine activity eventhough they are accessible to girls and young women through schools and clubs. Self defence became a necessity as women broke the silence within their homes and also demanded their right to be safe in public spaces. Martial Arts had to be adapted and converted to quick effective techniques, easily learnt, not requiring years of training. Women, generally, dont want to be fighters but to feel confident and safe to pursue their desires.

Martial Art schools which were profit oriented recognized this market and began to incorporate self defence in their beginners training. Magic Movements began as a self defence program and has expanded to exercise with martial arts movements and yoga. Music and performance are an added attraction with the programs.

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What is self defence? Self defence is a practical necessity. Magic Movements offers the opportunity for women and children to enjoy the charisma, inner strength and power associated with Martial Arts activity and to develop supreme esteem. (feelings of excellent worth) It is for those who do not function well in the regular regimented environment of a dojo. Grading, Performance and regular execise are available to advanced students.


Specials Martial Arts developed through a demand from social services for intellectually disadvantaged women, many of whom had experienced difficult or violent circumstances. It also caters for those women with physical impairments. There are advanced students in these classes.




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Magic Movements was created by Anita Carcour who's passion for martial arts " Herstory " lead her to consider practical ways she could employ her knowledge and skills to empower people, share the benefits and exhilaration of martial arts. Her qualifications as a social worker signifies interest in the community rather than elite sports.

Yoga was introduced to Magic Movements to compliment the physical training but more important, to introduce more sophisticated meditation processes. Calmness of the mind is quintessential to sharpen focus and for relaxation and stress relief. A brief history of yoga is included and a program outline. The Tibetan Rites is another supplementary exercise schedule available with Magic Movements. The Tibetan secret to a long, healthy, productive and peaceful life. Simple exercises which can be completed daily within 30 mins.

Martial Arts..... Sticks is the use of long stick as a weapon or for defence. Traditional Japanese names are Bo or Jo (length varies)This is a form of resistance training as the stick acts as a weight. It is fun and a performance skill while your shoulders and arm muscles strengthen (hypertrophy). Regular daily activity of women usually avoids shoulder strength.

The Martial's Combo exercise The Martial's combo is an aerobic program with martial arts movements. This program introduces participants to martial art concepts through movement which tends to dance, especially since there's music. > is aerobic exercise with martial arts movement set to music. It is an enjoyable exercise form of basic martial arts movements and patterns.










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