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Magic Movements had a successful children's program for many years. The Australian After School Communities (aasc) through the Federal government was a major employer. This program has allowed Magic Movements to develop games which improve timing, balance and movement as well as martial arts skills. Dance with martial arts movement is also available

AVAILABLE FOR your venue........... Martial Arts Games and dance

 Self Defence for Children at the dojo or your venue
Children often experience bullying and other forms of intimidation and abuse. Body image and confidence to engage in sports and exercise can also become an issue. Magic Movements has small groups for personal attention and is non- competitive. children have to co-operate to undertake the training.

Objectives of the program

The program (6 week course……1hr sessions)

The program is negotiated with the parents and children
Discussion and stories
Bullying, bike safety, stranger danger, personal space, friends and relatives.

 Parent/child program
exercise with martial arts movement and music........... participants limited to space size duration 1hr

 Children's program
with martial arts skills and games (outdoor area preferred)............ participants limited to supervision capacity(volunteer or paid)...duration 1hr

We can only offer paid assistants to assist with supervision. You may want to ask parents

Magic Movements is available for parties

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