The Martials Combat Combo

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Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning

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Saturday 9.15am

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Program for 1 hr ........ 45 mins of aerobic exercise with martial arts movement from
Aikido, Judo, boxing and Karate.......
yoga asanas
striking, blocking and kicking sequences
stepping , moving swiftly to avoid forces
developing principles of martial arts unconsciously and in a fun way
Exercise your body in a balanced, co-ordinated fashion which enhances strength, fitness and confidence. 


Don’t mess with this body image.


Magic Movements
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  1. improves balance, co-ordination and reflexes
  2. stimulates cardio-vascular system
  3. Stress relief
  4. Anxiety release

This program begins with breathing exercises then moves into light jogging, leaping and stepping to warm the body. Stretching exercises to limber the body for the drills and sequences that follows. Abdominal and back muscles are the focus eventhough all major muscle groups of the body are given attention.
A hand strikes sequence and kicking drills are introduced singularly and in combination. The final movement sequences involve confronting a force and swiftly moving past it. The program finishes with a warm-down of standing yoga asanas.

When the music begins everyone concentrates on themselves and the activity at hand. Step by step instruction is given which makes the exercise easy. The music is continuous and with songs from western and multicultural background.

Anyone can do it, whatever age, size and ability
No Martial Arts experience is necessary

Exercise for the elderly

Programs for the elderly can be designed to incorporate health, awareness and personal safety. Physical resistance, escape and use of personal effects objects such as a walking sticks can be part of the session.

Benefits of exercise

prolongs independence

"less fatigue, (being) more alert, more energy, (and) better sleep,"

regular exercise speeds up the wound-healing (Ohio State University )

cardiovascular enhancement
Falls are a major cause of disability among the elderly. Those with the brittle-bone condition osteoporosis are at particular risk of sustaining a bone fracture.
Exercise can help prevent falls over the long term. (Journal of the American Geriatrics Society)


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