Martial Arts

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Sticks whitch matter (1.5 hrs)

Use of long stick as a weapon for defence or performance
Traditional Japanese names are Bo or Jo (length varies)
Mixed gender
4 week course outdoors
Fancy youself a travelling nun/monk with a staff
a warrior queen with a spear
stick in hand travelling the land
great way to exercise and feel invinsible
become terribly competent with a weapon
completely confident about your abilities
bring your broom (without the head) or a piece of dow from the hardware a similar length


Tues 7.30pm Sunday 2.00pm

Learning to yield a staff the height and thickness of a broomstick. This program includes both genders and is conducted outdoors. It begins with a short warm-up particularly concentrating on the spine and shoulders followed by the arms and wrists. Participants are taught to swing the stick (Staff) around with out hitting themselves. Skills training on how to strike and block is undertaken individually and with partners. Orchestrated combat sequences (Kata) are performed and controlled free play is allowed with advanced experienced warriors. It closes with simple yoga standing postures with a stick in hand. This program has been designed from techniques drawn from Aikikai Aikido, Okinawa Bodo and Kaliri Payatt.

NB monthly fees are discounted if you engage in other activities at Magic Movements

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