Self defence is the ability to protect yourself and use physical resistance in violent situations. It is permitted by law (as long as you only use as much physical force needed to stop the abuse/attack. If you use more physical force than needed to defend yourself, then you could be charged with assault/abuse.

The threat or use of physical force against another is not justified:
1. In response to verbal provocation alone.
2. To resist an arrest that the person knows is a peace officer or by a person acting in a peace officer's presence and at his direction, whether the arrest is lawful or unlawful, unless the physical force used by the peace officer exceeds that allowed by law.
3. If the person(1) provoked the other
(a) The person(1) withdraws from the encounter or clearly communicates to the other his intent to do.
(b) The other nevertheless continues or attempts to use unlawful physical force against the person.

Abuse may come in many forms, emotional, psychological and physical. Self defence for women usually incorporates strategies to deal with adverse situations. The confidence to deal with difficult predicaments or situations rather than compromise or submission, will lead to control over ones life and supreme esteem; the ability to do anything and hurdle obstacles.


Self defence for women

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Women deserve to be safe at home, work and in public places yet they can experience intimmidation, harrasment and violence. Relations and interactions which subordinate and violate women is not acceptable and needs to be confronted. Physical resistance to violence is lawful and women need to be prepared. Often we find that women contact Magic Movements because they have experienced abuse or had a close encounter. Dont wait until something happens. Be prepared and walk with confidence. The self defence program incorporates both verbal, psychological and physical strategies to deal with abuse and violence.

Objective of program

  1. To empower women
  2. To enhance confidence, self esteem and assertiveness
  3. To build confidence in the use of physical resistance.
  4. To promote personal safety by teaching simple, practical and effective techniques
  5. To increase body awareness and potential
  6. To introduce strategies that reduce fear and anxiety
  7. To improve fitness, health and well being
  8. To allow women the opportunity to engage in otherwise unfamiliar activities
  9. To build inner strength
  10. To allow women to take control of their lives and achieve self determination
  11. To explore martial movement through dance and performance (advanced course)

The program (6 weeks...1.5 hours) Tues 6.00pm... Thurs 7.30pm.... Sat 2.00pm.

uses techniques from Karate, Wing Chun and Aikikai (Aikido).

  1. runs for 8 weeks or can be tailored to available time and according to needs.
  2. Workshops and short courses are also offered.
  3. Demonstrations and seminars.
  4. Yoga asanas to warm up and stimulate energy flow (Ki, Chi)


  1. Basic blocks, strikes and leg work (includes kicks, pushes and leg sweeps)
  2. Elbow and knee strikes
  3. Movement and balance development
  4. Moving to strategic positions and escaping (out of the way)
  5. Off balancing attacker in their movement
  6. Finding your own balance
  7. Locating tender and vital points to strike
  8. Abdominal breathing important to controlling and releasing strength as well as maintaining stamina and calming fear.
  9. Voice release for assertion and to ward off attackers.
  10. Dealing with intimidating and violent situations
  11. Escape techniques

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 Self Defence for Children
Children often experience bullying and other forms of intimidation and abuse. Body image and confidence to engage in sports and exercise can also become an issue. Magic Movements has small groups for personal attention and is non- competitive. children have to co-operate to undertake the training.

Objectives of the program

The program (6 week course……1hr sessions)

The program is negotiated with the parents and children
Discussion and stories
Bullying, bike safety, stranger danger, personal space, friends and relatives.

Specials Martial Arts

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We all have special needs so if there is one particular to you, the specials Martial Art Class is fun yet disciplined by your interest.

Self Defence, aerobics, exercise and yoga for people with special needs

The program

Enjoy exercise which develops self esteem, body image and inner strength. Learn skills to enhance personal protection.
Bring body and mind together to enrich the experience of self and peace,
 improves health and fitness.
Anyone can do it, everyone should try.

All the above classes are in the Coburg (Melbourne, Australia)

In your space and at your time programs available
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